domenica 11 gennaio 2015

New Year .. New Layout ... Same me! Lace addicted!

As you can see I renewed the layout of the blog and it looks so effing gorgeous...
I'm addicted to lace and always will be.
There's nothing else that embraces a lady's body and can make you sensual ,freespirit and rebel more than Lace.
These are my last inspirations for some future photoshoots; Lace veil and lace lingerie .

mercoledì 7 gennaio 2015

Result of my Juice diet!! It's working!

Hey folks!
A year a go I started to taking care of myself, Avoiding sweets and other stuff that wasnt good for me.
Of course it was hard but I Made it!
I bought a juice maker and here I am!
Started to make juice almost everyday, adding spices on them (ginger,cinnamon) and now my body is really fit!
I don't even workout everyday , diet is working so good, remember to hydrate yourself with at least 8 cups of water per day and You can make it too!

Happy New Year ! My NYE 'S Eve outfit

My NYE outfit is here! I wore this leather skater skirt and this beautiful lace crop top,total black!

Sweater Dress

Hey folks!
Here is my minimal sweater dress !
Perfect for the winter, really soft , embrace your body,
If you don't want to hide your toned and long legs during this season, is perfect !