domenica 21 dicembre 2014

Cistic Acne And Blemish - Foods to avoid !

Ok guys,
this is the hardest part!
I've talked before about my daily Beauty routine to get rid of acne scars and blemish ,I said that there's something else to follow.
It's the diet!
The cause of cistic acne is definitely what we eat !
I know it can be hard, specially for who love sweets like me !
My tips are these :

Avoid carbohydrate, like bread and potato chips ! I can not stay away from pasta, so I try to eat little portions and mix it with vegetables!

Stay away from sweets! This is even harder than pasta !
Once you dont eat them, You won't even search for them ! Of course sometimes you can break the rules and eat a chocolate cake or candy, don't exaggerate !

Dairy Food
: Yay, that's right : cappuccino,mozzarella,yogurt and etc.. dairy is a big cause of acne!
Replace normal Milk with soy or almond milk for enjoyable smoothies!!

Last but not least : Don't Avoid Water ! It is really important to stay hydrate !! Drink at least 8 cups of water per day, it is important to detoxify and to eliminate toxins from your body!

Anti Blemish and natural products for sensitive skin : My Daily Routine

Happy Sunday !
I 've decided to share my Daily Beauty Routine .
I suffer from cistic acne and taking a look on the internet , I've found out I'm not the only one fighting it !
I must say that you have to take care of what you eat first but I'm going to talk about this on the next post.
First of all, I know that you can be depressed and stressed, just don't give up , following this routine will help you!
1- Look for a gentle gel cleanser,parabens and soap-free adapt for sensitive skin , this will be your friend !
Wash gently your face with it in the morning and before bed at night. I chose the Keracnyl by Ducray, My skin is Hyper- Sensitive and dry, didn't have any problem with this!
2- I'm triyng to avoid cream and chemical products to get rid of blemish on my face,I know it can be very annoying, so I'm trying
natural remedies : Tea Tree OiL was my choice .
Dilute some drops in a spoon of water, with a cotton bud dab the pimples and the blemish zone.Do this in in the morning and before bed.
3- After some minutes , I moisturize my sensitive dry skin with a super natural oil : Jojoba Oil.

I have to admit it that i'm having great results! The acne scars and blemish are going away, of course you won't see result in one hour or day but in a week, following a good diet too, you will for sure!
Hope my advise will be good for you guys, you can use a lot of different natural remedies against redness, blemishes and acne scars ; Lemon juice and Aloe Vera are great too!

mercoledì 10 dicembre 2014


New York Fashion Week is on fire this year !
The Spring Summer Collections are giving me so much excitement .
Here is a quick review of my fav designers and dresses since now

Chromatic and Cushnie et Ochs :
Monochromatic, geometric and cutout dresses ,croptop and triangle bikinis... My o obsession!

Eva-NYC : Rock a Wave Curl Cream

Hey folks!
Wanted so bad to try this Eva NYC curly wavy cream product and now it s finally happened!
I bought it on asos ,this brand is becoming quite famous in US and now it's taking all over the world.
It s a leave in cream ,with keravis and argan oil,my hair is so soft and the smell is so good!
I definitely want to try other product:  conditioner , dry and normal shampoo!
All the product ,except for the curly cream, are made for all types of hair!

sabato 20 settembre 2014

Milan Fashion Week : quick favourite review

Happy weekend !
Milan fashion week is still  going on  ,here is my quick review of these 3  days!
Izabel Goulart rocked this amazong Ermanno Scervino Bodysuit, when yoy say italian sartorial !

Roberto Cavalli and Blugirl amazed me with black boho chic dresses ,can you imagine going to coachella with these?

First day of runway show  started with the amazing collection of Francesco Scognamiglio , all of those mesh gowns and sparkly refiniture make me.dream wiyh eyes open , this is my favourite the black one is of course the special one!

martedì 9 settembre 2014


Here is my part II   of my fav dresses from NYFW :
Jonathan Simkhai 's  collection is very similar to Balmain , nice pencil skirts ,monochromatic fabrics and coutout croptops...You know that i love these things!
Then there is  Houghton , lovely pieces , especially this lace set : blacm croptop and pencil skirt , even though i would wear  heels !
What do you guys think?

mercoledì 13 agosto 2014

Vintage and Present Trend: Cutout Dress

Hello people!
It's been two hard weeks, I've lost my Dear Daddy, i have to keep going anyway so Here is a new post for you!
Recently i fell in love with a Cushnie et Ochs cut out dress worn by Martha Hunt at a gallery show
so i made a quick research and this brand is on fire !
Every cutout dress that these Ladies make are my obsession !
Monochromatic , geometric scoop and cutout part that give you grace and sensuality.
Here are some of my fave cutout dresses , even of other designer, the amazing Anthony Vaccarello , italian style, worn by Izabel Goulart and Marloes Hoerst !
enjoy !

domenica 10 agosto 2014

Week Fashgasm

My Week Fashgasm dedicated to my dear Daddy who left us a week ago
David Jones 's new swimswear collection straight from the runway show, those cutout Swimsuits are awesome!

Skivvies collection by For Love & Lemons presented 2 weeks ago in L.A , lace triangle cutout bralette, the secret words for my obsession !
P.s Would Like to dedicate this post to my dear Dadddy who left us a week ago, thanks for all!

lunedì 28 luglio 2014

Evergreen Style Plus An interesting fact !

I 've always had an attraction for 20's 50's movies and periods .
Vintage Actresses and Beauty from the past are the most googled words in my browser !
I mean those epoques were amazing, great parties, beautiful scene and scripts, amazing dancers and choreographies.
The thing that inspire me the most of those times are the beautiful dresses and gowns .
Last night i was watching one of my favourite part of White Christmas and Miss Vera Ellen caught my eyes!
That Lady could dance like no other ! Looking closer to her i fell in love with her mini skater skirt and those yellow heels.
This could be so chic even now in 21st century, see how fashion comes and goes?
In fact, i found a very similar mini skater dress made by the amazing Michael Costello

I learnt a new fact and i got another girl crush on a beautiful Pin Up Woman from the 50's : Vikky Dougan.
She was used to be called The Back and you will get the answer just looking at her pictures!
This Lady became famous in Hollywood thanks to her publicist who had the idea to make just for her 3 Backless Dresses.
that got her noticed by famous people and celebrities.
I found this very curious and her pictures walking in the L.A with that black backless dress are stunning, considering that it was in the middle of the 50's
But this isn't the scoop, reading posts about her I found out that her body was the inspiration for Jessica Rabbit!
A lot of people were sure that the face of the Pin-Up Jessica was of course inspired by Veronica Lake and her beautiful Peek a boo Bang but the body was definitely Vikky Dougan's one ! The similarities are a lots!

To prove you that her outrageous style was a big change in hollywood's world , here are celebrities pictures with backless dresses, her stye was and is definitely an inspiration for designers!

giovedì 24 luglio 2014

Mercedes-Benz Miami Swim FashionWeek: My Review

Mercedes-Benz Swim FashionWeek is officially over!

Miami was the capital of swimwears for 5 days , showing us new collections for summer 2015.

here are the brands that caught my eyes.


Well, Mikoh's designer are awesome!
Just found out they are two sisters that make the best neoprene triangle bikinis and bottoms !
Simple but sophisticated,just wanna have one of these right now.
As i told before, geometric and monochrome pieces are my obsession , brands like Luli Fama ,Acacia and Mia Marcella created some of the best .
Last but not Least, Sauvage and Suboo collections , floreal fabrics pieces that will attract elegant girls!

domenica 20 luglio 2014

Weekend Fashgasm

My weekend fashgasm in a collage.
Fell in love with an Australian Swimwear Brand IYA
"The Iya girl lives life to its fullest,
she jumps deep into the ocean, she takes chances and makes mistakes,
she's a dreamer and an explorer but most of all,
she lives for the moment, lives for the now.
Live. Life. Love. Iya."

Perfect words for perfect swimwears !!

Last but not least : For Love & Lemons Bralettes !!!

venerdì 18 luglio 2014

Hair masks for all type of Hair

Hey Girls!
I've got three nice HairMask Recipes, will work for every type of hair and color!
This will help to shine your locks!
For Brunette :
Half cup of cocoa powder
Half cup plain yogurt
1 teasp of honey
1 teasp of apple cider vinegar

How to proceed :

Mix the ingredients together until forming a paste.
Shampoo your hair as you normally do, rinse, and apply the mask.

Keep it on for 2/3 minutes.
Rinse again and it's done.
Now you can proceed using other products.

For Blonde Hair.
1 lemon
1 raw potato
Half cup of chamomile tea
, at a warm temperature . (Not too hot!).

How to proceed :

Squeeze the lemon juice and blend it with the potato .
Add the chamomile tea and stir.
Apply the mask , after your normal shampoo.
Cover your head with a plastic wrap and heat it with a hair dryer for 2/3 minutes.
Rinse to remove completely the product.
3 carrots
2 tablesp. honey
3 tablesp. yogurt

Half cup of cranberries
How to Proceed :
Chop the carrots and blend them with yogurt, honey and cranberries.
Apply it after shampoo , keep it for 1/2 minutes and rinse it .

3 ricette per una maschera fatta in casa!
Ricetta per i capelli Scuri :
1/2 tazza di cacao amaro
1/2 tazza di yogurt magro
1 cucchiaino di miele
1 cucchiaino di Aceto di Mele

Dopo il normale shampoo, applicare il composto e mantenerlo per 2/3 prima di risciacquare.

Capelli Biondi

1 Limone
1 Patata
1/2 tazza di camomilla, temperatura ambiente

Procedimento :
Spremere il limone ed frullare il succo insieme alla patata.
Aggiungere la camomilla all impasto.
Dopo aver fatto lo shampoo , Applicare la maschera, coprite i capelli con una pellicola e asciugateli per 2/3 minuti.
Risciacquare per rimuovere il resto del prodotto.

Capelli Rossi

3 Carote
2 cucchiai di Miele
3 cucchiai di Yogurt
Mezza tazza mirtilli

Procedimento :

Tagliare a rondelle le carote e frullarle insieme agli altri ingredienti.
Dopo aver sciacquato i capelli dallo shampoo, applicare la maschera e risciacquare dopo 1/2 minuti.

mercoledì 16 luglio 2014

Triangle Bralet

Haven't you noticed that my drugs are Triangle Bralets ?
I think so ;).

Lots of Women that these are only useful when you do sports or going to gym, Well, They're totally wrong!
This model of bra gives you a touch of class and sensuality at the same time.
Fashion Brands embellish and design them with the greatest fabrics: Lace , leather etc.
Enjoy the pieces that stole my heart !

martedì 15 luglio 2014

Bikinis Part 2

The big trends from this summer are Neoprene and Crochet Swimsuits!
The first one is a fantastic pattern that totally embrace your body and shapes, while crochet will give you that Boho/Chic look.

Here are my fav
1- Shakuhachi
2- Lisa Marie Fernandez
3- Indah
4- Mikoh worn by Rihanna
5- Indah
6- Lisa Maree
7- Minimale Animale
If you're planning to buy a similar swimsuits(like the grey one ) but cheaper, contact me !

Swimsuits and Bikinis Part 1

Like for dresses, I always look for asymmetrical, geometric and monochrome Swimsuits!
There's nothing more elegant and comfrotable than a Triangle Bikini.
Yesterday I've lost myself in Revolve Clothing
and I couldn't Pick just one creation, so here are my favourite!
-1 Beach Riot Triangle Bikini
-2 Beach Riot White Triangle Bikini
-3 Lee & Lani Black Swimsuit
-4 Mandalynn Triangle Bikini
-5 My Fav ! Skye & Staghorn

Come per i vestiti, Cerco sempre costumi asimmetrici, geometrici e monocromatici .
Non C'è niente di più elegante per me che un Bikini a triangolo!
Ieri ho dato un occhiata sul sito Revolve Clothing e mi sono persa!
Non potevo sceglierne solo uno, quindi ecco qui i miei preferiti!
-1 Beach Riot Triangle Bikini
-2 Beach Riot White Triangle Bikini
-3 Lee & Lani Black Swimsuit
-4 Mandalynn Triangle Bikini
-5 My Fav ! Skye & Staghorn

lunedì 14 luglio 2014

Homemade Lace Skirt

Do you Like it?
I made this white Lace Pencil Skirt.
I find it so chic!
Matched it with a vintage Red Lace Bralet and I can definitely say they look great together.
Wore a pair of silver flat sandals for a final touch.
Jessica White followed my tip (Lol I wish ) and look at her ! So gorgeous !
So What are you waiting for? Try it yourself !

Vi piace?
L ho fatta io questa gonna a vita alta in pizzo !
Completato il look con un reggiseno senza ferretto di pizzo rosso e posso dire che stanno benissimo insieme.
Come scarpe ho scelto questi sandali argento.
Jessica White ha seguito il mio consiglio ( Magari !) e guardatela! Fantastica!
Cosa Aspettate? Provate anche voi !

domenica 13 luglio 2014

Hair Conditioner Tip ! Consiglio per Balsamo Capelli

Got this conditioner tip by the famous Celebrities ' Hair Stylist Mark Townsend.
Olsen twins does this too !
The secret is oil!
You just need a 100% natural oil, like almond oil and mix it with jojoba oil or others.
I've tried to mix it with Argan Oil and the result was really good!
Apply the mix after your normal shampoo as a conditioner, after 2/3 minutes rinse it.
You'll already feel and see the difference !
Argan oil will let you hair shine and almond oil nourishes it .
If you have curly /wavy hair like I do, it's a big solution against frizzy hair ,this will works on all types of hair.
Are you going to try this? Turst me it will worth ! Contact me if you will becuase i want to know the results!
*Last advice : Buy only natural Argan and Almond Oil, read carefully the Inci of the product , Bio brands are better !

Ho appreso questo consiglio per capelli dal famoso Hair Stylist delle star Mark Townsend .
Le gemelle Olsen sono tra le amanti, si tratta di Olio !
Il segreto è quello di mixare Oli naturali, ad esempio L'olio essenziale di Mandorle con Olio di Jojoba ecc.
Io ho provato il composto con Olio di Mandorle e Olio di Argan ed il risultato é stato fantastico!
Applicatelo dopo il normale shampoo, lasciatelo agire per 2/3 minuti e risciacquate.
Sentirete e vedrete subito la differenza, l'olio d'Argan illumina i capelli e come quello di mandorle ,li nutrirà in profondità.
Se avete capelli ondulati/ ricci come me é una buona soluzione contro il crespo!
Ma questo balsamo é ottimo per qualsiasi tipi di capelli, se lo provate, fatemi sapere i risultati!
Ultimo consiglio : Comprate soltanto oli naturali e biologici, leggete bene gli ingredienti e l inci del prodotto.

Cold Strawberry Tea

Last week I made this Cold Strawberry Tea!
It tasted as amazing as it look in thess pics !
Here is the simple recipe :
-4 Strawberries
-1 teasp Cinnamon
-1 teasp Lemon Juice
-2/3 Tea Bags
-1 tblespoon Raw Sugar
- 2/3 cups of water

How to Proceed:
Boil the cups of water in a sauce pan or in Tea Boiler, until you see little bubbles.
In the meantime, put the other ingredients in a Tea Glass Carafe and muddle all , to release the scents and juices.
When water is ready , put tea bags in it and leave them in for max 5 minutes , otherwise the tea will be bitter.
Remove the tea bags and pour the tea in the Carafe.
Leave it in the fridge overnight.
The next morning you'll enjoy a nice cold Strabwerry Tea !

La scorsa settimana ho fatto un Thè Freddo alla Fragola!
Era così buono come appare da queste foto.
Questa è la semplice ricetta:
-4 fragole
- 1 cucch.ino di cannella
- 1 cucch.ino di succo di limone
- 2/3 bustine ti thè
- 1 cucchiaio di zucchero di canna
-2/3 tazze d'acqua

Come procedere:
Far bollire l'acqua in un pentolino o in un bollitore finchè non si vedono le piccole bolle.
Nel frattempo mettete tutti gli altri ingredienti in una caraffa di vetro e schiacciateli , per rilasciare i profumi e i succhi.
Quando l'acqua è pronta, immergete le bustine di thè fino ad un massimo di 5 min,non di più, altrimenti il thè diventerà amaro!
Rimuovete le bustine e versate il thè nella caraffa.
Lasciate in frigo tutta la notte.
La mattina dopo avrete un buonissimo The Freddo alla Fragola !

Lace obsession !

I 've got to confess!
I always had an obsession with lace , now it's a big trend in fashion again!
I really like boho chic/gipsy relaxed style for spring and summer.
Lace dresses , croptops or skirt are things you need in these season !
This is an U.S brand called For Love & Lemon , wich i really liked since the first campaign i saw,
now it's becoming big , lots of celebrities are wearing their lace dresses,especially this long yellow lace dress!
Cassie and Nicole Scherzinger are one of them .
These dresses go to 200 $ and up, so if you're looking for a recreation of these and want to pay less ,
contact me at my e-mail and I'll give you all the info !

Devo confessarlo !
Ho sempre avuto un' ossessione per il pizzo!
Mi piace molto lo stile boho chic per la primavera e l'estate.
Vestiti , Minitop o gonne di pizzo sono un must per queste stagioni!
Volevo introddure il brand For Love & Lemons, mi è sempre piaciuto dalle prime campagne che ho visto.
Ora sta diventando molto famoso tra le celebrità e questo vestito in pizzo giallo è uno dei più amati!
Tra quelle che lo hanno indossato ci sono Cassie e Nicole Scherzinger.
Questi vestiti vanno da un prezzo di 200$ ( ) in su, perciò se vi piacciono e volete indossare una ricreazione simile, contattatemi alla mia e-mail e vi darò tutte le info .

sabato 12 luglio 2014

First Post

Hey Guys! I'm Simone , 24, italian trotter with lots of(healthy) addiction . One of these is Music, in fact i already have a Music Blog. I've opened this blog to talk about Fashion and healthy lifestyle . With healthy lifestyle i mean: recipes, beauty products and foods that will be good for your body and health ! Don't worry, I'm not one of these shopaholic bloggers obsessed with million dollar dresses and products! I will show you interesting things , clothes, that are availble for everyone :). Enjoy !