mercoledì 23 settembre 2015

Milan Fashion Week : Scognamiglio & Puglisi

Francesco Scognamiglio and his fairy pieces ! Lovely sartorial pieces, with printed flowers, see through lace and v neck scoop mini dresses.

From fairytales to seashells and greek goddess dresses of my sicilian stylist Fausto Puglisi.
Loved the mini greek goddess black dress  and the high skirt  seashell croptop set ! The skirt' pattern is amazing!

Versus Versace : London Fashion Show

Hey folks, I'm back!
Summer is over but at least fashion shows are here, especially my favourite week : Milan Fashion Week.
I must admit that I only follow Milan's one and Paris, in these two weeks I see my favourites designers' show (Balmain, Versace ,Pucci, Puglisi ,Thieryy Mugler and Givenchy).

Versus Versace Fashion Show was held in London this year, this is definitely the picture of the show , Erin Wasson in a beautiful Black split dress . I would die to have it in my wardrobe!
Congrats Again to the stylist Anthony Vaccarello .

p.s Milan Fashion Week is going strong, stay tuned Because I will post the best pieces from Puglisi and Francesco Scognamiglio !

mercoledì 12 agosto 2015

New milk cleanser creams + Naturisimo is on instagram!

Hey folks!

I m here with some new products to talk about!
As I said a lot of times before, I have an hyper Sensisitive-Dry skin, so I've decided to give Cleansing Milk a try !
The results are amazing !
This is an advice to all the people with my same problem, use cleansing Milk!
My skin is not dry at all after i wash it at night and even if in the morning i just rinse it with water, I can definitely use some drops of this and nothing happens to my skin!
It leaves my skin so soft and ready for my morning serum!

I bought Skin Blossom Gentle Cleansing MilK from  naturisimo and another one from spanish brand Kueshi .

 p.s in the pic above I have all the products that I use in my routine :  Viridian Repair Oil, Human and Kind Skin Lightening Cream  and Organic Surge Refreshing Fresh Wash    that I used  before the Cleansing MilK .

Naturisimo has now an Official Instagram Profile 

lunedì 27 luglio 2015

Miami SwimShow 2015 : best of

Last weekend the Swim Show took place at Miami like every year !

Here are my favourites bikinis from all the collections, the words are simple:
neutral, cutout, triangle and geometric !
Let's start with the sexiest and outrageuous! Lace trianglebikini and high waisted bottom by Hot as Hell,of course the name is really on point,love the top , I'm addicted to lace .
This Mia Marcelle 's piece makes turn heads! Little frabrics , top and bottom cutouts ,love the design !-HoTasHell
-Mia Marcelle

Mikoh's bikinis are every year one of my favourites! These sisters know me so well , less neoprene this year but lovely triangle bikinis and amazing patterns, palm trees, neautral colours and the grey one with the cutout is amazing.

Loved Mara Hoffmann A/W 14 Collection's campaign and this white bikini with high waisted bottom represent at full her boho/chic style, the bohemian in me approves it.

San Lorenzo is a new brand for me, have ot be honest is the first time that I hear this but let me tell you this collection is really good! Models walked the runway like greek goddesses, barefoot, flowers on their hair and bracelet on their Arms. This cutout 3 straps bikini is so sexy and lovely.-SanLorenzo

lunedì 13 luglio 2015

Phytorelax: Italian Natural Cosmetics Brand

Hello folks!
After some weeks I'm here to talk about this Italian Brand :Phytorelax .
It is one of the best In Italy, one of the first companies to obtain the certificate for bio ecological cosmetics !
Today i wanted to talk about their Coconut Hair Products.

As i've said before, I have dry hair, the day after shampoo is the Sahara !), so I need natural products that help to hydrates it , like jojoba oil, sheabutter or coconut oil.
Since I've never tried the third one I was so trhilled to found a big discount of Phytorelax's products on Showroomprive ,an outlet e-commerce site,so I bought I bought the 500 ml Coconut OiL Shampoo and Coconut Dry Oil.

The smell is amazing , women of tropical islands always knew the benefits of coconut for hair and body , it can help to slow down hair loss, help hair-growth and is a perfect moisturizer for curly/wavy frizzy hair .

After shampoo ,mask and conditioner , I use the coconut dry oil for final styling or as a prep before blow dry .

In the picture, you can also see a beautiful gift i made myself , always from Phytorelax, Argan Oil shower gel !

Hope you will be lucky to try this brand too !

venerdì 29 maggio 2015

Say Goodbye to Dry Hair ! : My anti -Dry Hair routine

Hello Beauty products addicted !
Today I wanted to help whoever has my same problem and fight everyday: Frizz/Dry Hair.
I have fine /dry wavy hair and in this time of the year,when the heat is high, my hair goes crazy and they're arid like the desert.
I'm more than ever into organic and bio beauty products , so one of my tips of this routine is to find pieces that you like and stick to it.
First tip : Buy a good hairmask, with argan ,coconut oil or sheabutter, to rehydrate and nourish your hair deeply.
Add almond oil , mix it all and apply to your hair form some minutes after shampoo.
I chose Eva Nyc Therapy Session Hair Mask , with Argan oil and Keravis Protein, already use the curly cream of this brand and I m really happy with it.
For the Almond Oil, I bought the one from Italian Bio brand I Provenzali , a 100% pure oil , all of the products are not tested on animals!
Note (I' m not inventing tips , this routine of mixing Almond Oil  with hair mask has been given from a lot of Professional Hair Stylists).

Second tips: Nourish again your hair with a cream , always organic , if you want great results.
I bought , always on Asos, Tommy Gunns Leave Me In Conditioner and styling cream ,with ginger root and green tea , it will protect your hair from frizz  and from styling tools damages.
The last tip is to mix a dry oil with your styling product, If you have fine hair like mine, add less drops of oil.
Hope this will help you during summer !
xoxo   Simone

venerdì 8 maggio 2015

This Cream is A Must Have!
As I wrote before, I have an acne prone, hypersensitive dry skin,so now I'm only into organic beautyproducts.
I was looking for some lightening cream to get rid of some blemishes and acne scars,I was tired to see that
my face didn't have a good and unique tone.
While I was online on naturisimo I found this skinlightening cream
by the organicbrand Human&Kind .
It is made with the extract of Seven Swiss Alpine Plants, it's a daily moisturiser and it prevents ski dryness.
I apply it mostly before bed, because the texture is really white and you can definietly wear it only at home.
I had great results, my scars and blemishes are going away, I only have some little parts to eliminate !
I chose to share this cream with all of the people having the same problem,I definitely know that it is annoying
but now we have a natural organic remedy!

Modified Red Greek Goddess Dress

Wanted to share with you the pictures of my modified Long Red SplitDress, now this is what it looks like!
The split is still there, just shorter, love the deep vneck scoop and now I can show more legs :)

mercoledì 22 aprile 2015

New Favourite Photographer and life capture : Koray Birand

I fell in Love with this white lace dress worn by Carolyn Murphy on the cover of Harper's Bazaar Turkey!

I was breathless not only for the gorgeous dress but for the enviroment captured on the picture, sand, lights and shadows.
I've found it really sophisticated and sensual at the same time, so I've decided to search for the Photographer: Koray Birand.
I was smiling when I found out that most of the editorials and Photoshoots I 'm liking in the last 2 years are taken by him!
He did a lot of collaborations with Harper's Bazaar, especially the Turkish'one , always collaborates with great stylists , Mahizer Aytas for exemple.
I love the works because they describe at full what I like in fashion: Neutral,geometrycal shapes clothes ,blazers and lingerie,sandals and lace, Heaven for me !
Plus His works are full of energy, lights and shadows will always let you want to see again and again the picture,to feel more emotion.
Enjoy some of his best Pictures.

venerdì 13 marzo 2015

Here it is !
Only the best creations from Paris Fashion Week Fall / Winter 2015 in one photogallery!
As you will see, Mugler was my favourite, The Designer David Koma is becoming one of my favourites!
It's like he can read in my mind ! Every collection is so good, neutral, sensual and geometrical mini dress or gowns , finally someting wearable from this season !
The other Brands that caught my eye were Elie Saab ,Vionnet with the Harness Bra cage and Boho Chic Maxi Gown and Last But Not least Emanuel Ungaro colorblock mini dress, the Designer is Fausto Puglisi !

Elie Saab

sabato 7 marzo 2015

Lykke Li X Gucci

What a combo!
Lykke Li is the New Gucci's spokesperson for the #LadyWeb bag!
Here is the beautiful advertising , Lykke Li in her house in L.A, where she wrote her new album "Never Learn"
,singing one of the best song of the album "Just Like A dream".
The lights are so warmful , an amazing california sunset embrace her, we can see Lykke playing the song on the piano and strutting her stuff around the city of Angels, with the LadyWeb Gucci Bag that suit her style, a chic wanderer .
Enjoy the video and relax .

domenica 1 marzo 2015

Dry Skin: My daily routine with organic products

Happy Sunday everybody!

This weather is killing my skin!
From December to March my skin become my biggest enemy,so dry!
I have a very sensitive, acne prone ,dry (in winter ) skin and wanted to share with you my daily beauty routine.
During January , I was busy finding the right beauty products online shop, I found two!
They are LoveLula and Naturisimo , they only sell the best organic beauty brands and guess what? Free International Shipping
I couldn't resist so I bought two amazing products on Naturisimo

Here is what I do every day and night to fight the blemishes and to moisturize my skin:
At night : I wash my skin with Organic Surge Refreshening Face Wash , for sensitive skin , with rose geranium essential oil.
Then I apply my Viridian Organic Skin Repair Oil , a mix of 99% organic oils ( Rosehip,Sunflower Seed, Jojoba, Calendula, Borage Seed and Wheatgerm ), perfect to repair you skin from wrinkles and acne scars.

In the morning, during these cold months, I avoid to use cleanser, I just wash my face with water and reapply the skin repair oil.

It is a really simple but working routine, if I'm feeling the dryness during the day, I simply apply two three drops again.

p.s Water Water Water is the saviour! Hydrate yourself ! Sip water during all the day , it is the most helpful thing for your skin!

mercoledì 25 febbraio 2015

Francesco Scognamiglio : MFW 2015

I'm posting already!
Francesco Scognamiglio's fashion show already happened and boom!
I fell in love with this Black Mesh gown with roses decoration , so chic and bohemian at the same time.

The best outfit that caught my eyes, (if you've already read my blog you must know my addiction is lingerie), is this black deep v-neck bodysuit! I could literally live all my life with this on . Love the fabric and the shape ! Congrats Francesco.

Last NYFW Fashgams Before Milan Fashion Week

Yay ! Milan fashion week has started!
It's the time of the year that i feel proud of being Italian!
I will definetely post more over the days !
This is my last fashgasm from NYFW , Beautiful Deep V-neck Mesh Gown with decorated high waisted panties , by Leanne Marshall

lunedì 16 febbraio 2015

domenica 11 gennaio 2015

New Year .. New Layout ... Same me! Lace addicted!

As you can see I renewed the layout of the blog and it looks so effing gorgeous...
I'm addicted to lace and always will be.
There's nothing else that embraces a lady's body and can make you sensual ,freespirit and rebel more than Lace.
These are my last inspirations for some future photoshoots; Lace veil and lace lingerie .