lunedì 13 luglio 2015

Phytorelax: Italian Natural Cosmetics Brand

Hello folks!
After some weeks I'm here to talk about this Italian Brand :Phytorelax .
It is one of the best In Italy, one of the first companies to obtain the certificate for bio ecological cosmetics !
Today i wanted to talk about their Coconut Hair Products.

As i've said before, I have dry hair, the day after shampoo is the Sahara !), so I need natural products that help to hydrates it , like jojoba oil, sheabutter or coconut oil.
Since I've never tried the third one I was so trhilled to found a big discount of Phytorelax's products on Showroomprive ,an outlet e-commerce site,so I bought I bought the 500 ml Coconut OiL Shampoo and Coconut Dry Oil.

The smell is amazing , women of tropical islands always knew the benefits of coconut for hair and body , it can help to slow down hair loss, help hair-growth and is a perfect moisturizer for curly/wavy frizzy hair .

After shampoo ,mask and conditioner , I use the coconut dry oil for final styling or as a prep before blow dry .

In the picture, you can also see a beautiful gift i made myself , always from Phytorelax, Argan Oil shower gel !

Hope you will be lucky to try this brand too !

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