venerdì 29 maggio 2015

Say Goodbye to Dry Hair ! : My anti -Dry Hair routine

Hello Beauty products addicted !
Today I wanted to help whoever has my same problem and fight everyday: Frizz/Dry Hair.
I have fine /dry wavy hair and in this time of the year,when the heat is high, my hair goes crazy and they're arid like the desert.
I'm more than ever into organic and bio beauty products , so one of my tips of this routine is to find pieces that you like and stick to it.
First tip : Buy a good hairmask, with argan ,coconut oil or sheabutter, to rehydrate and nourish your hair deeply.
Add almond oil , mix it all and apply to your hair form some minutes after shampoo.
I chose Eva Nyc Therapy Session Hair Mask , with Argan oil and Keravis Protein, already use the curly cream of this brand and I m really happy with it.
For the Almond Oil, I bought the one from Italian Bio brand I Provenzali , a 100% pure oil , all of the products are not tested on animals!
Note (I' m not inventing tips , this routine of mixing Almond Oil  with hair mask has been given from a lot of Professional Hair Stylists).

Second tips: Nourish again your hair with a cream , always organic , if you want great results.
I bought , always on Asos, Tommy Gunns Leave Me In Conditioner and styling cream ,with ginger root and green tea , it will protect your hair from frizz  and from styling tools damages.
The last tip is to mix a dry oil with your styling product, If you have fine hair like mine, add less drops of oil.
Hope this will help you during summer !
xoxo   Simone

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