venerdì 8 maggio 2015

This Cream is A Must Have!
As I wrote before, I have an acne prone, hypersensitive dry skin,so now I'm only into organic beautyproducts.
I was looking for some lightening cream to get rid of some blemishes and acne scars,I was tired to see that
my face didn't have a good and unique tone.
While I was online on naturisimo I found this skinlightening cream
by the organicbrand Human&Kind .
It is made with the extract of Seven Swiss Alpine Plants, it's a daily moisturiser and it prevents ski dryness.
I apply it mostly before bed, because the texture is really white and you can definietly wear it only at home.
I had great results, my scars and blemishes are going away, I only have some little parts to eliminate !
I chose to share this cream with all of the people having the same problem,I definitely know that it is annoying
but now we have a natural organic remedy!

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