mercoledì 22 aprile 2015

New Favourite Photographer and life capture : Koray Birand

I fell in Love with this white lace dress worn by Carolyn Murphy on the cover of Harper's Bazaar Turkey!

I was breathless not only for the gorgeous dress but for the enviroment captured on the picture, sand, lights and shadows.
I've found it really sophisticated and sensual at the same time, so I've decided to search for the Photographer: Koray Birand.
I was smiling when I found out that most of the editorials and Photoshoots I 'm liking in the last 2 years are taken by him!
He did a lot of collaborations with Harper's Bazaar, especially the Turkish'one , always collaborates with great stylists , Mahizer Aytas for exemple.
I love the works because they describe at full what I like in fashion: Neutral,geometrycal shapes clothes ,blazers and lingerie,sandals and lace, Heaven for me !
Plus His works are full of energy, lights and shadows will always let you want to see again and again the picture,to feel more emotion.
Enjoy some of his best Pictures.

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