mercoledì 12 agosto 2015

New milk cleanser creams + Naturisimo is on instagram!

Hey folks!

I m here with some new products to talk about!
As I said a lot of times before, I have an hyper Sensisitive-Dry skin, so I've decided to give Cleansing Milk a try !
The results are amazing !
This is an advice to all the people with my same problem, use cleansing Milk!
My skin is not dry at all after i wash it at night and even if in the morning i just rinse it with water, I can definitely use some drops of this and nothing happens to my skin!
It leaves my skin so soft and ready for my morning serum!

I bought Skin Blossom Gentle Cleansing MilK from  naturisimo and another one from spanish brand Kueshi .

 p.s in the pic above I have all the products that I use in my routine :  Viridian Repair Oil, Human and Kind Skin Lightening Cream  and Organic Surge Refreshing Fresh Wash    that I used  before the Cleansing MilK .

Naturisimo has now an Official Instagram Profile 

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