lunedì 28 luglio 2014

Evergreen Style Plus An interesting fact !

I 've always had an attraction for 20's 50's movies and periods .
Vintage Actresses and Beauty from the past are the most googled words in my browser !
I mean those epoques were amazing, great parties, beautiful scene and scripts, amazing dancers and choreographies.
The thing that inspire me the most of those times are the beautiful dresses and gowns .
Last night i was watching one of my favourite part of White Christmas and Miss Vera Ellen caught my eyes!
That Lady could dance like no other ! Looking closer to her i fell in love with her mini skater skirt and those yellow heels.
This could be so chic even now in 21st century, see how fashion comes and goes?
In fact, i found a very similar mini skater dress made by the amazing Michael Costello

I learnt a new fact and i got another girl crush on a beautiful Pin Up Woman from the 50's : Vikky Dougan.
She was used to be called The Back and you will get the answer just looking at her pictures!
This Lady became famous in Hollywood thanks to her publicist who had the idea to make just for her 3 Backless Dresses.
that got her noticed by famous people and celebrities.
I found this very curious and her pictures walking in the L.A with that black backless dress are stunning, considering that it was in the middle of the 50's
But this isn't the scoop, reading posts about her I found out that her body was the inspiration for Jessica Rabbit!
A lot of people were sure that the face of the Pin-Up Jessica was of course inspired by Veronica Lake and her beautiful Peek a boo Bang but the body was definitely Vikky Dougan's one ! The similarities are a lots!

To prove you that her outrageous style was a big change in hollywood's world , here are celebrities pictures with backless dresses, her stye was and is definitely an inspiration for designers!

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